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Welcome to the intelliHR platform tour!

In this tour we'll walk you through the entire intelliHR platform through the eyes of the system admin.

See for yourself how intelliHR can help your organization with:

  • Core HR centralization
  • Automation (Onboarding)
  • Employee engagement
  • Performance management
  • People data analytics

If you have any questions along the way or would like a personalized demo, you can easily book in a chat with one of our product specialists (just hit the blue button below!).

Dashboard: Menu

Easily navigate the platform using the menu.

Depending on user type and permissions, users will have access to different areas of the platform.

Dashboard: Self-Service Tiles

The Dashboard is your home screen. Create and organize your self-service tiles to see important information at-a-glance and easily access tasks, features and reports.

It is also a centre for all HR processes, policies and information and can link out to the other systems and tools you use (e.g. Payroll and Google Drive).

My Overview provides a summary of any outstanding HR tasks (e.g. annual reviews), as well as progress towards goals and career development.

Dashboard: My Team

Everything you need to know about your team is at your fingertips in My Team Overview. Managers can easily access their employees' profiles from here, view their outstanding tasks, goal progression rate, training investment, and compliance status.

People Directory

Use People Directory filters such as business unit and employment status to narrow down cohorts of employees.

See tenure anniversaries and birthdays in the Event Calendar, which syncs automatically with employee profiles, so you’ll never miss a special occasion again.

Org Chart

The Org Chart allows you to visualize your entire organization and drill down to any team, business unit or individual. Employee profile changes automatically sync so that your Org Chart is always accurate and up to date.

Need to share your org chart externally? Just generate a shareable link!

My Profile

My Profile is your self-service profile and single source of HR truth, both for the individual, manager and at a company-wide level. Profiles:

  • Store all employee information - contact and job details, skills, feedback, performance reviews and more (aka things that are typically spread across multiple systems, drives or documents).
  • Act as an internal resume for employees – all job updates are time and geo-stamped, providing a historical view of each employee’s journey.
  • Capture all licenses, qualifications and training (and automated expiry notifications help HR stay on top of compliance!).

Plus, custom fields and API are available so you can include job or industry-specific information.


Audit proof your organization with intelliHR’s Compliance tools.

Manage Contractors, Extended Leave, Performance Improvement Plans, Qualifications and Work Rights in one place.

  • Employee self-service allows employees to edit and update their licenses and certifications.
  • Issue alerts to employees when qualifications are expiring.
  • Set mandatory qualifications for different role-types, to ensure all new-starts are completely compliant before they start.

Continuous Feedback

Collect information and feedback from your employees with Forms.

We’ve developed 200+ best-practice templates that cover most businesses’ needs from onboarding to employee engagement, development, and more including:

  • 360 degree review
  • Leader review
  • Employee feedback
  • Wellness check
  • New employee start checklist
  • Workplace health and safety incident

Or, you can design and configure your own!

Workflow and Pulses

Send Pulses/Surveys as standalone items, at regular intervals (e.g. monthly productivity check-ins) or as part of an Automation Workflow (e.g. onboarding welcome, documentation requests and policy sign-offs).

  • Customise pulses for different departments and roles (e.g. all “barristers”, all of “finance”).
  • Segment distribution for individuals or groups (e.g. everyone in your London office).
  • Bring consistency to policy and compliance, employee engagement and performance management.
  • Add logos, colours, videos and gifs to reflect your brand and connect with your staff.


Keep your employees motivated, on track, and show them why their contribution matters with Goals.

  • Cascade organizational goals down to teams and individuals, or employees can set their own.
  • Set numerical targets and measure progress in real-time.
  • Chat about progress and request feedback with goal comments.
  • Celebrate the wins!

Performance Summary

The Performance Summary aggregates an individual’s goals, achievements, training, performance improvement, feedback, and more into a single report, with different views for manager and employee.

Instead of a once-a-year snapshot, we give managers the visibility and tools to continuously evaluate and support team performance.

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

Performance Improvement Plans provide a structured process to address performance and disciplinary issues and help employees get back on track.

  • Create action plans, record evidence, notes, and videos.
  • Generate expectation, warning and termination letters.
  • Use our templates, or build your own.

Analytics Reports

intelliHR provides interactive Reports across a wide range of business needs (or you can build your own!):

  • Performance and productivity
  • Culture and engagement
  • Planning and financial drivers
  • Risk and compliance

All our analytics are dynamic and interactive, allowing you to:

  • Bring your people data to life with graphs, charts and dashboards.
  • Visualize, track and see a historical view of trends over time.
  • Drill down on data by business unit, pay grade, tenure, supervisor, gender, work type and more to surface hidden insights and get to the source of issues, fast.

Decision Tree (Predictive Analytics)

Want to make decisions based on quantifiable evidence? The intelliHR Decision Tree Visualization uses machine learning to identify and map out how various employee attributes influence attrition and retention.

Analytics Insights

Using AI and Machine Learning, we look for trends and anomalies in your data and transform them into intelligent insights so you instantly know what's important.

  • Pinpoint exactly where issues are occurring in your organization.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what influences employee satisfaction, attrition and more.
  • Receive suggestions for what to do next.

Analytics Email Updates

intelli Highlights Emails bring the most important HR metrics and trends happening in you organization right to your inbox every week.

See how your employee satisfaction, wellness and sentiment is trending so you can address any issues now, not next month.

Analytics in action

It can be hard to know how employees are feeling if you’re not seeing them in front of you every single day (and sometimes, even if you are!).

If you’re monitoring wellbeing using regular check-in pulses, then intelliHR analytics will help you to identify any issues quickly and provide support where it’s needed. Let’s take a look at an example.

  1. Your Employee Wellness Report tells you 41 employees need help or aren’t coping.
  2. You can immediately click to see who these employees are and what they’re saying, or
  3. In the Word Cloud, you can see that “stress” seems to be a trending issue, so you click on this word to filter the rest of the report and you find out that:
    This trend seems to be happening in junior roles, in the London offices, for two supervisors in particular

Now, not only do you know who is experiencing the problem, but you have information that helps you address the problem.


Our Integrations allow organizations to deliver a seamless employee experience no matter which tools you use.

Public API: Our Public API allows our customers and partners to write their own custom applications that read or write data into the intelliHR data model. We are always adding more endpoints and keen to get feedback from developers and systems integrators.

Zapier: Zapier allows our customers to create code-free unique integrations.

Apart from those, intelliHR also provide integrations with payroll and LMS platforms such as XERO, Keypay, MYOB and GO1.

Still have questions about integration? Arrange an obligation free technical chat now.

Customer success

Your business is unique, it’s your competitive advantage, so don’t accept an out of the box solution. We know that best practice people management is not one size fits all which is why we work with you to customise intelliHR to suit your business needs. From implementation to account management our Customer Success team is here to make you look great.

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